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  The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices
 Категория: Компьютерная литература » Операционные системы » Palm
The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices
Издательство: Visibooks
Год издания: 2006
isbn: 1597060437
Количество страниц: 134
Язык: english
Формат: PDF

The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices helps beginners learn how to use PDAs and other devices that run the Palm operating system. It provides a firm foundation in using Palm devices in real-world ways.
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Опубликовал: flashsoft | 28-08-2006, 00:00 | Просмотров: 1189  Подробнее и с комментариями (0)
  Palm OS Programming Bible
 Категория: Palm, Серия «Bible»
Palm OS Programming Bible
Автор: Lonnon R. Foster
Издательство: IDG Books
Год издания: 2000
isbn: 0-7645-4676-7
Количество страниц: 887
Язык: english
Формат: PDF

Palm OS Programming Bible will show you how to create applications for Palm’s popular line of handheld organizers, as well as third-party devices that also run the Palm OS. In addition, this book covers creation of Web clipping applications for the Palm VII/VIIx (and other wireless-equipped Palm OS handhelds) to allow wireless connection to the Internet. You will also find material on writing conduit programs to synchronize data between a Palm OS handheld and a desktop computer. Whether you are a developer for a large organization that is integrating Palm OS handhelds into its sales force or a hobbyist who wants to get the most from your organizer, you will find this book to be a useful guide to creating software for the Palm OS platform.
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Опубликовал: flashsoft | 10-04-2006, 00:00 | Просмотров: 1198  Подробнее и с комментариями (0)
  Professional Palm OS Programming
 Категория: Palm, «Wrox»
Professional Palm OS Programming
Автор: Lonnon R. Foster, Glenn Bachmann
Издательство: Wrox
Год издания: 2005
isbn: 0-7645-7373-X
Количество страниц: 961
Язык: english
Формат: PDF

Professional Palm OS Programming Palm OS has defined the standard for handheld and mobile devices for nearly a decade, thanks to its convenience, power, and ease of use. As the popularity of these devices continues to grow, so does the demand for programmers to build original applications. This book guides both aspiring and experienced programmers through the ins and outs of creating software for Palm OS. Covering nearly every aspect of Palm OS development, this useful resource gets you started with the fundamentals, such as how Palm OS works and the available development tools. You'll then quickly move on to new aspects of Palm OS, including the new Palm OS Cobalt, the next generation operating system. Packed with hands-on instructions, lots of code, and insider advice, this book will help you make your applications work seamlessly. What you will learn from this book The various multimedia functionalities for audio and video recording and playback How to create applications that make use of TCP/IP communications options New and updated coverage of Palm OS development tools, including Metrowerks CodeWarrior ;9.3 and the new PODS from PalmSource Methods of programming system elements, graphics, and alarms Techniques for storing, manipulating, and retrieving data An understanding of the very complex topic of conduit programming and why it uses different tools Who this book is for This book is for experienced C programmers who are looking to either start developing applications in Palm OS or who would like to take their Palm OS skills to the next level. Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help programmers do a better job.
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Опубликовал: flashsoft | 24-01-2006, 00:00 | Просмотров: 1303  Подробнее и с комментариями (0)
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